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Rules and regulations

Faculty of Jurisprudence That possess high Islamic spirit that is in his behavior with people of honesty and Secretariat and humility, benevolence and altruism and compassion for the poor and eliminate the need for people and RESPECT Brothers believers and stay away from everything that is not in line with Islamic teachings.
To feel that he bears the message of Islam in this era atheism renders of the same model is valid for a Muslim jealous of his religion and his nation and does not behave within the college and outside behavior is incompatible with this message even like to join political parties.
That possess excellent scientific spirit that is in love with research, knowledge and care to take advantage of professors and attend lectures and lessons.
The student spirit possess high sense of responsibility and direction of his college affiliates of students and professors, teachers and comply with the instructions of the college and perform his duties and is keen to move away from violence and say injuring things.
That understands the mission of the university and offering an upstream entirety right understanding of himself and prepared to do the greatest Islamic duty and is the guidance and communicate the teachings of Islam and popularized in the largest possible number of citizens in all the good possible means.