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Our vision and mission

To establish bridges of knowledge and scientific communication between the academic and the academic achievements, and bridge the gap between them through the adoption of mechanisms of scientific thinking and methods, which contribute to the concentration of religious knowledge as a basis of human knowledge consistent with the age uninterrupted heritage.
the message
To enrich students with religious studies and knowledge and acquire the necessary skills that enable them to play their role in enriching knowledge in line with the requirements of the times.
Counter a committee of teachers, specialists, researchers and preachers of high Islamic culture based on the school of Ahl al-Bayt and Islamic knowledge.
The introduction of academic methodology and the organization of religious syllabuses, facilitating the study of the academic book, streamlining its methodology and facilitating its expressions.
Working to raise the competencies of the learners in the studies of the Hawzawi and encourage them to follow up the recent developments in the fields of education, psychology and teaching methods.
About the College
The Faculty of Jurisprudence was established in 1958 with one department of jurisprudence and its origins. Its first dean was Sheikh Mohammed Reza Al-Muzaffar, may God have mercy on him. The College is specialized in studying Sharia and Islamic Sciences. And the Hadith in 2004, the Department of Arabic Language in 2008 and the Department of Islamic Faith and Thought 2008. The graduate studies were opened in 2003 again after the closure in 1991.