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Dean’s word

IN the original source, the jurisprudence is a branch and in the original pure, emanated in the earthly adoration blessed with praise and thanking, and the sanctification and glorification of the one God, the individual, the steadfast, the noblest of the men who offered their abundance of gifts and great creativity and purity of their purity to establish the faculty of jurisprudence. Thus, in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful ((The believers should not go forth altogether, rather, a party from each section should go forth to become well versed in the religion, and when they return to their people warn them in order that they may beware. )) (Altwaba / 122) and so Farah goup Mubarak to meet people in religion, was this institution blessed Faculty of jurisprudence and flourished, and Ahrdodha Vainat, Vddath and fruit, and then come out generation continue with the Quran and interpretation, and jurisprudence and assets and literature and branches, , And the history of it grew up with respect, and the scholars intended it in peace. The Faculty of jurisprudence was founded by Sheikh Majid al-Muzaffar and recognized as an academic institution in 1958 to meet the University of Al-Mustansiriya. A group of scholars came out and managed to spread their names on the pages of history. , The Department of Science of the Holy Quran, the Department of Hadith Sciences, the Department of Jurisprudence and its Principles, the Department of Arabic Language, and the Department of Doctrine and Thought. The postgraduate studies were a platform for launching the paths of light, Since there were three thesis’s in the master’s and doctorate, and here they move confidently towards more creativity and brilliance, thank Allah the Lord of the Worlds.