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Mohammed Kadhim

Department of Islamic

Department of Religion Adoption of scientific thinking and methods so as to contribute to the concentration of religious knowledge as human knowledge Based consistent with the times uninterrupted heritage mechanisms. Message section: Provide a balanced Islamic discourse to the public understanding that faith is taken for sure and persuasion rather …

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Department of Al Hadith

Department of Al Hadith Science vision : Publication of the Hadith culture under a cultural lack of broad social At a time when Islam is exposed to attacks from denatured to show the world we have adopted terrorism, murder and sabotage proportionate according to the Messenger Nation (r): ((not us …

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Department of Al Quran

Department of Quranic sciences vision: The vision of the Department of Science Koran and the Hadith within the vision of the Faculty of Theology, which seeks to heaven awareness message and work on the application of the provisions of the Islamic Sharia. department Message : Adopted the message section of …

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Department of Fiqh

Department of Fiqh vision: The cognitive developments on the Square scientific fact in the very maturity and development department in the future, therefore we are preparing a project to him, any study raises the level of thought has to be followed up and give the perception of Forensic them. Message  …

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