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The Dean’s Speech on the Occasion of the Arbaeen of Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) and the start of the new school year

Peace and prayers
Dear brothers and sisters, teachers and students,
May God grant you the greatest reward for the affliction of the master of martyrs, Imam Hussain, peace be upon him
It was the extension of the message and the embodiment of the dissolution in it
And vowed existence for its immortality
Just as millions today have strengthened the immortality of the Epic of Al-Tuff and renewed allegiance to its historical leader throughout the ages, thus contributing to the use of its data in order to achieve the leadership of life in accordance with the true divine constitution.
And your honor, within the framework of the title and the glorious and lofty presence of this upcoming college, you represent an active and leading arm in the performance of this missionary mission and securing the momentum of the movement of the martyr Imam, peace be upon him.
Respected brothers and sisters
We are all undoubtedly believers that we are entrusted and responsible within this missionary crowd, which represents a strategic asset and part of the wall of defense and protection for the true religion, as well as building
The project of action and achievement in crystallizing the concepts of religion and its role in changing and reforming reality
Let the performance of the duty in the academic, educational, knowledge and research responsibility through the performance of its tasks and duties be an embodiment of our fulfillment of this role and duty.
And let this school year, with all its data, be a conscious response to the call of Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, and his help
And we helped him as he wanted him through his resounding cry through the ages and what we were roused to do
Let each of us perform his share of this duty in the classrooms, scientific communication platforms, research and investigation spaces, and the educational and educational role with our students.
So that we would have given the real victory to Abu Al-Ahrar, peace be upon him, who gave us the greatest epics and lessons in vowing existence for the sake of the principle and the true religion.
I wish you a successful academic year crowned with an accomplished performance, pleasing to God Almighty, and fulfilling the call of a living, trusted conscience
I wish you good luck
May God Almighty reward you with the best reward for the doers of good
Prof. Star Jaber Al-Araji
Dean of the College of Jurisprudence

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