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The Department of Hadith Sciences holds a scientific symposium

Under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Jurisprudence, Prof. Dr. Sattar Jabr Al-Araji
The Department of Hadith Sciences held a scientific symposium entitled (Sentimental approach and its impact on confronting atheism) lectured by (Dr. Asaad Abdul Razzaq Al-Asadi), a teacher in the Department of Hadith Sciences

In it, the lecturer tried to shed light on a new factor that may be useful in treating the problems of atheism by investing the element of conscience or the so-called existential faith, which can contribute effectively to polarize the atheist individual through quenching the existential indifference and the existential impoverishment that all human beings live in, so that religion becomes The source of existential wealth is through the religious conscience that fills the soul of the individual and fills it spiritually, which is what the master lecturer clearly employed in the symposium.

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