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Discussing a PhD thesis

Today, Tuesday, a discussion of the doctoral thesis tagged (Fundamentals of Interpretation at the Imamate, an analytical rooting study) was held in the hall of the Faculty of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa, and the discussion committee consisted of prof. Dr. Muhammad Zwain as Chairman, and the membership of each of Mr. M. Dr. Iqbal Wafi Najm, a. M. Dr. Laith Abbas Al-Karawi, Prof. Dr.. Razzaq Hussein Al-Arabawi ,. a. M. Dr. Khawla Mahdi Jarrah, under the supervision of Prof. Dr.. Fadel Madab Al-Masoudi,
The thesis is divided into four chapters:
The first chapter deals with the rooting of the concept of the fundamentals of interpretation and its divisions and the relationship between it and the foundations, principles, buildings, rules, methods, and exegetical sources, The other three chapters were presented to the most important fundamentals of tafsir of the Imamate. The second chapter was devoted to the fundamentals of epistemological exegesis and the third chapter was concerned with the origins of source interpretation, and the fourth chapter was concerned with the procedural fundamentals of exegesis.
The thesis was approved with distinction

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