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Master thesis discussion

A master’s thesis titled (Conflicting of Rights in Islamic Jurisprudence) was discussed by MA student Ghufran Karim Shalouhi Al-Janabi, Faculty of Jurisprudence / Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundations, and the discussion committee consists of:
a. Abdel Zahra Lifatah Obeid as president
Prof. Nawal Ayed Halloul, member
M.D. Saad Jassem Lifatah, member
Prof. Muhannad Mustafa Jamal El-Din as a member and a supervisor
 The thesis revolves around the topic of studying the competition of rights in Islamic jurisprudence. The topic of crowding is one of the topics that a group of scholars and researchers have presented in many fields such as law and Islamic jurisprudence, but their discussion was not a specific discussion of all the joints of this topic, rather it was a brief discussion or among other topics as well as a difference The attitudes and visions of each researcher and writer, with the different doctrine followed in that approach, so I preferred to study this topic extensively by making use of the comparative approach in studies of Islamic jurisprudence by standing at this topic from different aspects due to its importance and its moral and material value in resolving many conflicts between rights and duties related to God and his servants Therefore, the study was based on a theoretical introduction entitled (the concepts of truth and crowding and their relationship in Islamic jurisprudence) to study the concepts of competition and truth and other concepts related to them and three chapters labeling the first chapter Sharia rule and its relationship to the divisions of truth and competition in Islamic jurisprudence) and deals with the sections of rights and competition and their relationship with each other and the second chapter label (Jurisprudence rules and general preferences for dealing with cases of crowding), especially the study of the rules and preferences of the Aso The mechanism and jurisprudence that acts as a control and standard for dealing with the faces of competition and expanding the third chapter (Applied Models in the Conflict of Rights between God and His Servants). Analytical, applied, comparative, and she used different sources on Islamic jurisprudence with its different schools of thought.

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