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Scientific activity / Department of Arabic Language

In support of the scientific process … and to stimulate the cognitive inactivity based on the current scientific situation …
The Department of Arabic Language was established in the presence of teachers of thought, language, literature and criticism on Sunday 9/2/2020 in the College of Jurisprudence, University of Kufa:
First: A scientific discussion session with the participation of the Head of the Department of Hadith Sciences, Assistant Professor Dr. Thaer Abdel-Zahra Al-Mousawi .. Under the title:
 (The dialectic of activating the critical mind in textual approaches)
Second: Sumner under the title (the phenomenon of negation in the Munajat of Imam Ali bin Al Hussein – peace be upon him) by Dr. Widad Hamid Atshan
This cognitive labor has produced several problems, the most important of which are:
First: The language of Imam Ali bin Al Hussein, and his profound rhetoric, deserve to be a linguistic and cultural reference for the researcher in the field of linguistic, grammatical and rhetorical field.
Second: The mind is the greatest divine essence that can be used in textual approaches, provided that it is not subject to the whims and ideological contours.
As long as you are informant of intellectual and cognitive giving

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