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Department of Al Hadith

Department of Al Hadith Science
vision :
Publication of the Hadith culture under a cultural lack of broad social At a time when Islam is exposed to attacks from denatured to show the world we have adopted terrorism, murder and sabotage proportionate according to the Messenger Nation (r): ((not us who called for a nervous, not one of us of a deadly nerve , not one of us who died on neurological))
department massege:
Activating the role of the Hadith to occupy its true place among the Islam science as a second source of Islamic legislation as represented by a year anecdotal came on the lips of the Prophet (s) and the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt and the year of actual convey to us the actions of the infallible through the ages in Islamic history and the year of his two what they have witnessed them peace and Akaroh for people of correct behavior and approach upright
department goals:
1-rearing a generation of young people carrying a Hadith derived from the original sources and headwaters correct culture.
2-prepare the cadres of the Academy of Scientific fill the void in the Islamic university of specialization hadith which is rarely specialized in the field of Islamic Sciences.
3-study of modern science in the framework of a special curriculum and isolation from the Koranic studies after it was studied under the umbrella of the study.
About the department:
department was established in 2013-2014 where he ratified the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to accept 130 students in its first phase by the Central Department of Admissions, a rare scientific departments within the specialty of Sharia and Islamic sciences.
The opening of the scientific department at the scarcity of this specialty in Iraqi universities, with the first section of its kind in the fields of general specialization and flour after the lessons of the past attached to the curriculum and vocabulary Sciences, Department of the Koran has been the introduction of section came in response to the need of the community to spread the Hadith culture to take its role guideline, legislative and moral in the face of a lot of emergency suspicions Streptococcus produced by technical and intellectual development of contemporary conditions as well as the absence of academic arena of interest in this rare specialty that represents continuity scientifically serious with lesson Alihuzoi and curricula and the depth of the detective produced by scientists flags concerns as well as to meet the needs of middle school to teaching cadres carrying people of the house they Science peace after it was teaching the curriculum in the past, without reference to their efforts in the field of humanitarian and development of applied science alike.

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