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Department of the Arabic Language

the department of Arabic language
department vision:
Arabic language of the sections of the Privacy and excellence because it deals brick blocks of human civilization, a language, and this language is the material civilization and the rule of literature is why our department seeks to build a solid base for a person based on the concept of linguistic culture and proficiency in the use of Mandarin spoken and written English.
The mastery of the Arabic language grammar and conjugation and expression, is the basis for the process of understanding the Quranic statement and the development of legislative provisions thereof.
Our department strives towards practical employment for the use of the language within the community by expanding the base of literary activities and holding seminars and conferences and the establishment of specialized courses in this aspect as well as linguistic and literary consultancy.
Arabic language is facing serious and serious challenges in advance of the general tone of the joints of the society and the prevalence of the phenomenon of melody and improper use of rude and style so our department seeks to address these challenges and in many different ways.
Orientations of divided attention of university student and head with the necessary information, materially and morally to come armed with knowledge and nicely Arabic language section to submit a letter to the new starch.
Our department focuses on directing and media of all kinds around the recruitment and use of classical language, also insists on the need to use the standard in the official forums and other literary, as well as making this language is the foundation of artistic production (television) and theater and others.
The expansion of copyright and research in the Arab language and literature base because of its impact in the language of the Koran service.
The impact of Arabic literature statement in community service, and in human behavior and orientation towards human vision fosters a spirit of brotherhood and human interaction with members of the community.
department Message:
Providing Islamic discourse to a balanced public opinion -ifam him to be taken for sure belief and conviction is not about tradition and to follow, taking into account respect for the other approach in the presentation of his ideas and discuss, in an effort to get to know the truth.
Goals Section:
First, show the importance of the Arabic language and its impact on keeping the Arab and Islamic heritage.
Second, to maintain the authenticity of the Arabic language and Arab calendar tongue and fight the use of the vernacular lawsuits, or twist the Arabic language are different.
Third: encouraging all state institutions and departments to use eloquent language, especially in the media of all kinds and official guidance in this regard.
Fourth, encourage community members to use the classical language through media programs .. and e-learning and the integration of educational entertainment end with the end.
Fifth: supplying the Arab library studies and research that serve the Arabic language and help to teach and be taught to new scientific grounds.
Sixth: To prepare teachers and teachers able to teach Arabic language in schools and high schools.
About the department:
Founded Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Faculty of Theology in the academic year 2008- 2009 on the basis of the Faculty Council, who confirmed the opening of new studies in college and expansion in the admission decision. It is the establishment of the Department of Arabic as an extension of the history of the college since its founding in 1958, it has been known since the beginning of the Faculty of Theology, granting bachelor’s degree in Islamic sciences and the Arabic language.
Arabic language of the sections characterized by the specificity of cultural, religious and national, because it teaches language of the Arabs, which is the language of the Koran, and the literary heritage of the Arab Basorh all .. and the Arabic language on the basis of this are the cultural building material and a vehicle transferred across generations .. does not hide the status of our language that generosity of God revealed the Koran, and within the verses indicate honored.

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