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Department of Fiqh

Department of Fiqh
The cognitive developments on the Square scientific fact in the very maturity and development department in the future, therefore we are preparing a project to him, any study raises the level of thought has to be followed up and give the perception of Forensic them.
Message  :
Section of the most important messages is to build the moral and cognitive development of students with the college building unity between legitimacy and seminary studies and legal.
Cemented vocabulary studies to pursue specialized research centers., Graduate students carrying the burden of repairing the nation and the pursuit of ideas . solid scientific projects for developments in contemporary reality., Alteration science for students so that they can continue the search idiosyncratic graduate. , Low scientific fact he studied in Islamic education in middle and middle stages of the graduation of the elements of a class teaching reform.
About the department:
Founded Fiqh department and its origins in the academic year 2004-2005, deals with the Fiqh and assets, accept graduates of junior high school two branches of scientific and literary and grants bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence and its assets, graduated from it in the first session of the academic year (2007- 2008), the number of teaching staff (14). Out students practice teaching in junior middle schools and the competence of Islamic education and complete their studies and now be specialized in the field of the judiciary.

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