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Workshop entitled (Fundamentals of Communicating with Youth in the Digital Age)

Under the auspices of the respected Dean of the Faculty of Jurisprudence, Mr. Sattar Jabr Al-Araji, and within the scientific and cultural season in the Faculty of Jurisprudence
The Department of Islamic Faith and Thought, in cooperation with the Center for Translation and Cultural Communication of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs – Holy Shrine of Al-Hussainiya, and in cooperation with the Department of Islamic Studies at the House of Wisdom – Baghdad, held a workshop under the title (Fundamentals of Communication with Youth in Digital Time). Based on two research papers by Prof. Dr. Raouf Al-Shammari
And Sheikh Laith Al-Atabi, and the assistant professor, Dr. Haider Al-Waeli, ran the workshop
This will be on Tuesday, 9/5/2023 at ten o’clock in the morning in the electronic hall of the Faculty of Jurisprudence
The workshop aims to demonstrate the effective impact of the means of communication, by showing the most important foundations that are a starting point for young people in the digital time, and the extent of their commitment to laws, regulations and traditions, or do they have their own starting points in communication, with an indication of the positives and soft areas.
First research paper:
Dr. Raouf Ahmed Al-Shammari:
It bore the title (The most important foundations of communication in the digital time).
The second research paper:
Sheikh Laith Al-Atabi:
And it bore the title (the negatives and positives of communication in the digital time).
The most important recommendations of the workshop:
1- Bridging the relationship between the various institutions in the scientific and knowledge fields.
2- Shedding light on the means of communication, and stating their foundations.
3- Establishing applied scientific studies for this important and sensitive matter.
4- Embracing the emerging generation in the age of digital communication, and addressing their problems.

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