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Cultural and intellectual cooperation

Within the framework of intellectual and cultural cooperation, a delegation from the Imam Amir al-Mu’minin Center, peace be upon him, visited the College of Jurisprudence for specialized studies and research, represented by Professor Hashim Al-Bajji, Director of the Center, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Dhahabi, responsible for relations and media, and Professor Muhammad Baqir Al-Hasnawi. And the activities of the center and the desire for cultural cooperation between the center and the college, especially in the field of participation in the second Ghadir conference for intellectual creativity and research writing in the periodic magazine Gates of Knowledge, and providing the center’s library specialized in the legacy of the Commander of the Faithful with books, research and theses issued by the college. For his part, Dr. Al-Araji confirmed the college’s readiness Full cooperation with the center and opening horizons of intellectual and scientific cooperation in an official and practical manner.

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