Conferences, Seminars, and workshops


Conference Title


Hadith Islamic unity title and the rejection of sectarianism

Hadith Sciences Department

Imam Sadiq (AS) and a net source of renewed tender

1. Department of Quranic sciences

2. Department of Religion and Islamic Thought

Jurisprudence of contemporary medicine and its impact on the status of legislation

Department of Islamic jurisprudence

Jurisprudence Banks contemporary problems

Department of Islamic jurisprudence


The seminar title


1. dissemination mechanisms socially hadith culture

Hadith Sciences Department

2. the content of the Hadith commitment career title

3. Culture memorization of Hadith

4. activating the role of the modern-Sharif in the fight against intellectual terrorism

1. contemporary challenges facing the Arabic language

the department of Arabic language

2. Public Speaking in the reform of social values

Dialogue with the other mechanisms

Department of Religion and Islamic Thought

1. epistemology when Mr. Tabatabai

Department of Science Koran

2. Hermenoutiqa Koran

Department of Science Koran

3. interpretative approach when the son of a month shop

Department of Science Koran

4-linguistic communication between the baht and the receiver

Department of Science Koran



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