The university president visits our college

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The President of the University of Kufa  Dr. Mohsen Al-Dhlami visited College of Jurisprudence

during his visits to the faculties of the University and his meetings with the teaching staff. He was received by the Dean of the College Dr.  Waleed Faraj Allah Al-Asadi and his scientific and administrative assistants. Al-Dhalmi met the teaching staff at the college, blessed them with the new academic year and the regularity of the students of the first stage after the acceptance and registration procedures carried out by the college on the most complete and quick case. Addressing them the need to pay attention to the proper educational aspect in dealing with their students and attention to the guiding directions required by the teaching process in all its joints. .. Also discussed the difficulties and problems facing the educational bodies and students and work to find appropriate solutions in cooperation with the Deanship of the College


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