workshop between the College of Fiqh and the Holy military Ataba

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It established the Faculty of Theology joint workshop among a group of college professors and a delegation from the heritage of Samarra Center of Military threshold of a sacred, where he studied the present reality of the center and the main activities that must be performed by a documentation of the heritage city of Samarra, the military and the shrine, which paves the way for its publication, study, confirmed Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Dr. Walid Abdul-Cad Faraj Allah al-Asadi at the opening of the workshop, the large and influential role of the College of jurisprudence in providing the scientific and cultural process in our dear country clear and its importance as a link between the academic institution from the scientific point of the estate on the other side and where Sheikh Karim Messier general supervisor of the center spoke from the city of Samarra and its extension and the historical significance of heritage, preferring to say the effect of the presence of shrines Ahlulbait (p) where the argument Tnoerha birth of God in the land ahead of His time (p).

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