Cultural seminar entitled (My job)

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Coinciding with the International Anti-Corruption Day in the presence of a number of teaching staff and students of the college set up a Department of Arabic Language at the College of Fiqh cultural seminar entitled (My job ), and in cooperation with the Organization Monitor to support Iraq's integrity, the symposium included a welcoming speech a general idea of ​​the fight against administrative corruption and historical assets of the phenomenon of corruption and its dimensions social, economic, Dr. Salah Al-Mansouri Associate Administrator of the Faculty of Theology after the lecture by Dr. Taleb Ramahi between the importance of developing the process in the fight against corruption and deepen the concept of integrity in all state institutions, especially in academic institutions and a lecture by the Director of the organization, Mr. Abdul Razak Kamel Royal between the role of the segments of the society, universities and students in programs confront the scourge of corruption and prevention of corruption is an important step in reducing this phenomenon

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