Lecturer issued a new book titled (cognitive research)

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Newly released in the College of Fiqh books of Dr. Hassan Karim al-Rubaie called (search Almarafa_ feasibility .mvahemh .mnahjh. Applications) this with Dr. Rubaie said the book includes several concepts, including theoretical and practical feasibility of language and concepts, idiomatic and the statement of the curriculum and its importance in cognitive research is subject to presentation of the curricula of unilateral, bilateral and lessons Mnahjah, then the book touch on the subject of applications and their importance in providing the academic research and a statement that the theory and composition may be one of the most important Massadagaha the existence of the application or may not have that application, remain in Bending theory, eating book those themes and structural organizational Almovih messages and Alatarih particular.

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