Faculty Board

Structure of the Faculty

Department of Administrative Affairs and scientific means this section by issuing administrative orders and official correspondence and organizing Aldermen Affairs, staff and documentation of Protozoa and individuals and follow-up services, and included several units.
Finance and accounts: I mean, this section to provide the necessary financial credit for the course of things, the college such as wages and salaries and grants and organizing the payroll for staff and wages lectures for postgraduate studies and exchange fees scientific discussions and supervision of the funds allocated to the College Exchange.
Services: This department is concerned to do college all the services and maintenance of furniture and cleanliness monitoring and maintaining all of its buildings.
Department of Media: The media section of the vital departments in the college, as this section shall direct supervision of the cultural activities, scientific, and provide weekly reports and organizing seminars on cultural and religious events and conferences work of all the folders for conferences and private college competitions
Sports Unit.
Department of Scientific Affairs: I mean, this section to follow up the scientific aspects of the departments of the college and a direct interest in organizing graduate master's and doctorate, and organize files for graduate students and ordering academic discussions and follow-up theses and is interested in pursuing scientific promotions for arranging and to oversee the scientific plan.
Department Date: I mean, this section to register students beginning of each academic year through the reception of students through direct acceptance channel and distribution in the scientific departments, as well as to regulate wrote support and graduation documents, and organize files of students and follow-up and this section archive and documentary featuring fully College . Where Includes all graduate courses from the college since 1962.
Department of Statistics: I mean, this section organize statistical data and their organizations own preliminary studies and Upper and scheduling information and stored.
Library: There are in college specialized library sources heritage of Islamic sciences of the various, comprising about thousands of books to meet the needs of the initial studies and Upper and contain a number of important manuscripts in the Islamic heritage, and the library has a large collection of letters and university Alatarih specialized in the field of law and Islamic sciences. Library works internal and external borrowing system where they are organizing special library metaphor for students and faculty who want to borrow the resources available in the library, where the card contains information on the owner of the card, which includes image of the person whose name and triple champion and scientific section and the stage and in the second face of the card is no information on the book nickname, for example, the name card the book, the scientific figure, the date of the metaphor, the maturity date, and the signature of the person Patron and determine the duration of metaphor for the person (student or teaching) in his or her own card and the term of the metaphor 7 days maximum. This work the same applies to borrow periodicals, journals, letters and Alatarih newspapers system either for laser discs containing e-books and movies van borrowed are either the same way or is desired disk clone to Patron person when you bring it to a CD-ROM is empty also be provided with the pioneers of electronic library sites own books and magazines that deal with different areas of science.
Section of the electronic calculator: The Department of calculators in the college of important sections, is equipped with a number of internet service providers Computing and customized to serve the students of the college and its affiliates as well as the possibility of the CD burning and printing papers and the establishment of computer courses.
Unit magazine: This unit is concerned with the reception of scientific research and dissemination in court issued by the Fiqh journal entitled Journal of the Faculty of Theology scientific journal, and the follow-up research to send experts and arbitrators and send accept deployment to researchers.


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