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Dean’s word

Faculty of Jurisprudence branch in the original pure, emerged in the soil blessed with praise and thanks giving, and sanctification and glorification of God, the One, the individual Samad, bosom group of men who have made iceberg their giving, and great creativity, and the whites of Anagaihm, to establish the Faculty of Jurisprudence, Hadem aspiration and innovation, they took it and worked hard, and produced, taking however generation to the hypochondriac of science, and the virtues of values, is separated from Madrsh najaf, nor deported from the line of the vast estate of the verse: in the name of God the Merciful ((what was faithful to alienate all Without a group of each band, including a range in religion and warn their people when they return to them so that they might warn)) “repentance / 12 and so alienated Rahat Mubarak understands people in debt, was this blessed institution grew College Fiqh and bloomed,  providing paid off, they come out of them generation continues with the Koran and its interpretation, and jurisprudence and Islamic literature and its branches, and speech, fathoms, and has grown, gestured history it into respect, and a flood of scientists in peace, we have established the Faculty of Theology at the hands of Sheikh renovated Muzaffar, and recognized as an academic institution in 1958 to meet for Paljamah al mstnasrah, I went out crowd of students, they were able their names on the pages of history , communication with tender remained, even evolved and grown again after the fall of the former regime, to fly, and open doors to the security and safety of students.v were: Department of Science Al Quran alkarim, and the Department of Science of Hadith, and the Department of Islamic Jurisprudence, and the Arabic language Department, and the Department of belief, thought Graduate paths of light, since were three messages in the master’s and doctoral degrees, and here have Confidence towards more creativity and sparkle, and Praise be to Allah.