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Intellectual seminar

Within the framework of the activities of (1440 AH year of Al- Imam prince of the Believers), the College held a seminar on intellectual dialogue, in which the Tunisian Islamic thinker Khalid Shoukat, president of the Arab Institute for Democracy, the former minister of the Tunisian government, political activist and …

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Scientific and cultural cooperation

The Dean of the College, Dr. Starr Jaber Al-Araji, received the scientific delegation from the Imam Hussain University (p), the Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, the author is an elite of her professors. The meeting discussed the possibilities of a scientific-cultural understanding between the two kidneys in scientific and …

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Quran competition at the University of Kufa / Faculty of jurisprudence in cooperation with the Department of student activities

The Department of Student Activities at the University of Kufa and in cooperation with the Faculty of jurisprudence held the Quranic Quiz in Conservation and intonation in the presence of the Assistant Administrative to the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Zubaidi, the Dean of the Faculty of jurisprudence, …

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