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University of Kufa discusses a doctoral thesis on the interpretation of the Quranic text at al Sheikh alhur alamili – the Shiite means model

In the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the University of Kufa, a doctoral dissertation was discussed (Interpretation of the Quranic text at al Sheikh alhur alamili – the Shiite means model) for student huaraa hakim sahib Under the supervision of the Senior Lecturer Dr. Mohammed Hussein Ali al-Saghir on Wednesday, 22/5/2019 …

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The Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Star Al-Araji, participated in the symposium of scientific dialogue (systematic readings on the book of Shafi in the explanation of the origins of the Kafi)

In parallel with the 24th anniversary of the departure of the investigator, Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul-Hussein Al-Muzaffar, the National Forum for Thought and Culture held a scientific symposium titled “Systematic Readings on Al-Shafi’s book in explaining the origins of Al-Kafi”, Lectured in it : Prof. Hussein Sami Sher Ali / University …

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Dean of the Faculty of jurisprudence Professor Dr. Star Al-Araji inspecting the conduct of the final examinations

Mr. Dean, Faculty of Jurisprudence Professor Dr. Starr Al-Araji inspected the performance of final exams, Where he visited the examination halls in the college and make sure to provide all the services and supplies that provide students with the appropriate test environment of electricity and quality of the questions and …

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Meeting of the committees of experts of the Central Committee for the Evaluation exam

Hold a scientific meeting of the committees of experts of the Central Committee of the assessment exam of the Faculties of Islamic Sciences of Iraqi Universities headed by Prof. Dr. Star Al-Araji, Chairman of the Central Committee composed of government and private colleges from the universities of Kufa, Babylon, Karbala …

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Dean of the Faculty of jurisprudence meets with heads of departments to find out the preparations for the final examinations

Dean of the Faculty of  jurisprudence, Dr. Star Al-Araji, met with the heads of the departments to determine the college’s preparations for the final exams for the academic year 2018-2019. The meeting, which was attended by the assistant scientific and administrative Dean, addressed the nature of the questions in terms …

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Department of Hadith Sciences in the Faculty of jurisprudence discusses the researches of students of the fourth stage

The Department of Hadith Sciences at the Faculty of jurisprudence held a public discussion for the students of the fourth stage. Their research was discussed by a scientific committee composed of a number of specialized professors. The discussion was attended by a number of students and professors, The scientific committee …

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