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Discuss graduation research

In the presence of the Head of the Department of Islamic Faith and Thought, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Hussein Al-Mudhafar
Today, Monday, 6/20 2020, at 6:00 pm, an electronic scientific discussion took place at the College of Jurisprudence / Islamic Creed and Thought Department via the meet google online platform.
The student Muhammad Nazim Khalil for his research
Tagged with (principles of belief in the Qur’anic text – the Meccan Surah as an example -),
The discussion committee consists of:
Prof. Dr. Karim Shati (President)
– Dr. Ali Khurasan (member).
– a. M. Hassan Al-Rubaie (member and supervisor).
We ask the Almighty, the Most High, to grant our country security and safety, that He is answered

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