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Discuss graduation research

In the presence of the Head of the Department of Islamic Faith and Thought, Prof. Ali Al-Mudhafar

Today took place on Monday
2020-6-29 At three o’clock in the afternoon the first electronic scientific discussion in the College of Jurisprudence / Department of Islamic Ideology and Thought for Graduation Research for the academic year of the academic year 2019-2020 via meet google platform
For the student Rukia Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Hakim about her research project tagged with (intellectual dialogue with heretics in the narrations of Imam Al-Sadiq, peace be upon him)
The discussion committee consisted of:
1- Ed. Ali Abdul Hussain Al-Mudhafar (President)
2- Dr. Haider Hassan Diwan (member)
3- Ed. Raouf Ahmed Al-Shammari (Member and Supervisor)
This was attended by a group of professors and students of the department
We ask the Almighty, the Most High, to grant our country security and safety, that He will be answered.

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