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Intellectual seminar

Within the framework of the activities of (1440 AH year of Al- Imam prince of the Believers), the College held a seminar on intellectual dialogue, in which the Tunisian Islamic thinker Khalid Shoukat, president of the Arab Institute for Democracy, the former minister of the Tunisian government, political activist and civil society, He delivered a lecture entitled “Civilization islamic” the Dean of the College Professor Dr. Starr Al-Araji was attended and a large selection of professors and graduate students and included Wide flashes in the Islamic reality today and mechanisms to create an atmosphere of coexistence and how managed the approach of the people of the House. P. In respect of diversity, which occupies a large area of ​​respect and effectiveness paused on the civilization basis of Islam and the embodiment of Ahl al-Bayt school. (P) has been several interventions and discussions on many of the issues raised by the lecture After which he was Dean of the College with a series of observations and interventions on this subject and expressed his welcome and pleasure to host Dr. Shawkat.

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