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Quran competition at the University of Kufa / Faculty of jurisprudence in cooperation with the Department of student activities

The Department of Student Activities at the University of Kufa and in cooperation with the Faculty of jurisprudence held the Quranic Quiz in Conservation and intonation in the presence of the Assistant Administrative to the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Zubaidi, the Dean of the Faculty of jurisprudence, Dr. Starr Al-Araji and the Assistant Dean Administrative, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zouin, Director of Student Activities and Directors of student sections at the colleges, At the beginning of the competition, Dr. Bassem Hassan, Director of Student Activities, delivered a speech welcoming the students participating in the competition. The Dean of the College, Dr. Starar Al Araji, also addressed the importance of such competitions, Especially as it is linked to the most important features of our ideological and civilizational identity and it embodies the necessity of establishing the necessity of reading our reality and peer arbitration and the cosmic vision of it in establishing our life system and our most important duties towards the Holy Quran are to interrogation, introspection, Memorization and understanding of its contents as well as efforts to show masterpieces of its text and the word in recitation and  intonation and conservation, which it represents These activities, which called for increasing them and promised to serve and support the Quranic atmosphere and welcomed such an initiative from the university and support its honorable chairmanship and keen on the participation of college students in the competition and then began the competition for students, and their number (11) students and consisted of Judgement comity of professors specialized in the College of jurisprudence, all of Dr. Mohammed Naieli, Sheikh Imad Saleh and Mr. Mohammed Saadoun, And concluded by completing the results in preparation for its announcement at a special ceremony.

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