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College symbols in her presence

The Dean of the College, Mr. Starr Al-Araji, received one of the symbols of the College and its senior professors, Prof. Dr. Hazim Suleiman Al-Heli, who congratulated the Dean on this post. Where it extends of the Sheikh Refurbished Almzaffar the first founder of college and The meeting was attended by Dr. Raouf Al-Shammari, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Al-Heli reviewed bright pages in the historical Track of the College a student in the 1960s and then a professor in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Dean expressed his pride  in being a student at the college in the eighties and being taught by Dr. Al-Heli and the elite of the College’s senior symbols, advance of his thanks and gratitude for the honorable visit.

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